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Pat O'Conner: President & CEO
Stan Brand: Vice President
Brian Earle: Chief Operating Officer
Scott Poley: Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs & General Counsel
George Yund: Special Counsel
Sean Brown: Vice President, Finance
Tim Brunswick: Vice President, Baseball & Business Operations
Kurt Hunzeker: Vice President, Marketing Strategy
Rod Meadows: Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Rob Colamarino: Director, Information Technology
Sandie Hebert: Director, Licensing
Scott Kravchuk: Director, Business Development
Jeff Lantz: Director, Communications
Stefanie Loncarich: Director, Digital Properties
Earnell Lucas: Director of Security/Facility Operations
Amber Kukulya: Manager, Human Resources
Kelly Butler: Senior Assistant Director, Event Services
Carrie Adams: Assistant Director, Licensing
Louis Brown III, Esq.: Assistant Director, Legal Affairs
James Dispanet: Assistant Director, Accounting
Courtney Jantz: Assistant Director, Business Development
Mary Marandi: Assistant Director, Corporate Communications
Heather Raburn: Assistant Director, Account Services
Robert Fountain: Associate Counsel
Mark Labban: Manager, Business Development
Jeannette Machicote: Contract Manager/Legal Assistant
Vince Pierson: Manager, Diversity & Inclusion
Gabe Rendon: Manager, Sales & Account Services
Eileen Sahin-Murphy: Manager, Trade Show Services
Andy Shultz: Manager, Baseball & Business Operations
Mary Wooters: Manager, Baseball Operations/Executive Assistant to President
Ashley Allphin: Graphic Designer
Michelle Heystek: Staff Accountant
Cory Bernstine: Research Coordinator
Jessica Merrick: Coordinator, Licensing & Contracts
Jill Philippi: Coordinator, E-commerce & Business Services
Jess Schneider: Coordinator, Trademarks & Intellectual Properties
Kim Bradbury: Receptionist

Dusty Dellinger: Director, Umpire Development
Lillian Patterson: Special Assistant, Umpire Development
Mike Felt: Chief of Instruction, Umpire Development
Jorge Bauza: Field Evaluator/Instructor, Umpire Development
Tyler Funneman: Field Evaluator/Instructor, Umpire Development
Mark Lollo: Field Evaluator/Instructor, Umpire Development
Larry Reveal: Field Evaluator/Instructor, Umpire Development
Brian Sinclair: Field Evaluator/Instructor, Umpire Development
Darren Spagnardi: Field Evaluator/Instructor, Umpire Development
Mark Stubblefield: Medical Coordinator, Umpire Development